You can only do what you can, with what you have available to you right not…..that’s so true.

The last few days I have been ‘lost’ in the haze of website updating – and ‘lost’ is no understatement! I am no technical whizz, but neither am I totally useless; although I was called a luddite by someone once upon a time. I have been committed to building and maintaining my own website, regardless of the effort it takes!

For a moment I was giving myself a hard time that things were taking me so long to do and then I reminded myself that I am not a website developer, or a designer, or a coder, or a digital guru. I then reminded myself of this quote:

“Come on Nikki, this is not your bag so stop berating yourself, be kind and give yourself a break. You’re actually doing an incredible job!”

So my website is not perfect. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that I would like it to have but I have done what I can and on reflection it’s pretty damn good actually. And there is no such thing as perfect really, you can always just keep waiting for perfection or take a leap of faith and go for it with what you have. And after all, it does the job it needs to do right now……YES!

It’s all about having a positive mindset and being more mindful, being kind to yourself and having compassion for your struggles ad challenges; whatever they are, however big or seemingly small they may be.

Is there something that you are getting caught up in “I should be able to do this better!” or “Why is this so hard!”. Perhaps you are using harsh words to yourself? Come back to this quote if so and take a deep breath!


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