What do i love

People….I just love people & I love, loving people. I love spending time with my friends & truly belly laughing. I love buying books & occasionally reading them, meditating & journalling. Oh & singing & dancing with enthusiasm. One more thing you need to know about me, I unapologetically love the colour pink!

‘OK Google play…….’

I have a real eclectic taste in music, from Jason Morales to Rachel Platten, Faithless & even the occasional bit of Country.

My favourite destinations

I love travelling & have so many favourite places, New York & Dubai for the ‘wow’ factor, Rome for the unbelievable history & Jamaica for the ‘and relax’ moments. 

Hey Nikki here……

I believe I am a unique combination of Enthusiastic, Authentic and Resilient  

There’s only one of me……(Some people would say “Thank the lord for that!”)!

If you want a Coach who’s been through the mill and come out the other side with knowledge, new skills and a determination to make changes and help create abundance for my own life and others then look no further.

The secret of success

You need to know that I know my stuff, I get that. Below are some of the qualifications and areas I have studied and are still studying. I am constantly updating my knowledge and reading.

NLP Practitioner

Approved by The American Board of NLP studied through The Tailored Life Company

Time line therapy

Approved by The Time Line Therapy Assoc. studied through The Tailored Life Company


Approved by The American Board of Hypnotherapy studied through The Tailored Life Company


Foundation Dip. in Midfulness – NLP Centre of Excellence

Teaching Mindfulness studied through Shamash Alidina

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