Our Coaching Toolkit

There are so many different ways we can work together to help you uncover what’s going to make you jump out of bed every morning to greet the day with a big smile and bags of energy and enthusiasm.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is often described as the “Art & Science of being the very best version of yourself”. NLP explores the dynamic between the mind & language & how their interaction affects our body & behaviour. Full of tools and techniques to help us propel you into a more powerful, purposeful & dynamic future.

Life & Breakthrough Coaching

After trauma, loss or just a challenging experience we very often re-evaluate our values and what’s important to us. Sometimes this happens without us being aware of it. Eliciting these values is key to beginning to discover the goals that sit behind ensuring all your values are fully satisfied.

Mindfulness Coaching

Digging deeper into the aspects of Mindfulness can open up areas to focus on within a coaching environment; acceptance, letting go, gratitude, self-compassion and so much more.

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