Client Testimonials

More about what people have said about our services. It’s always lovely to hear of transformations from people who have worked with me.

I joined Just be more’s ‘Living Mindfully’ programme with an element of skepticism as to how I would benefit. My main objectives were to deal with issues as they arise in a less erratic manner, to focus less on the past and live in the moment. The course has been a revelation, with weekly sessions in a great little group via zoom, we have all become remote friends I would like to think. We have meditation sessions, different content every week with course books to work on in between. It really has made a difference to me and therefore my family. I react differently now, I have learned how to deal with “challenges” better and generally am a much calmer person. Niki is a wonderful tutor, so easy to listen and chat to and was born to do this! This is one of the best things I have ever done and taking time to develop myself was unheard of. Everyone can benefit from this course, get booked on ASAP



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